English Speakers

We're moving!

Feb 24th 2019 will be the last Sunday at 52 mail François Mitterrand. After that we will alternate between two temporary addresses, at the conference centre, “Cap Events” and the community centre at “La Binquenais”. If all goes well, we’re be in our new premises at 12 quai Robinot de Saint Cyr.by May. If you click on the tab “Acces et Contact”, you’ll find instructions and a calander of dates. Any problems give us a call on 06 61 89 89 29 (English spoken). We hope to see you!

Message from our pasteur, David Buick ............

Hello and welcome to the Christ Pour Tous website. The name of our church means “Christ for All”, and that means you’re very welcome to join us even if you don’t speak French! Naturally enough, our activities take place in French, but quite a few of us speak English. If you’d like someone to provide translation assistance during a Sunday service or need some help finding your way around in an unfamiliar language, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you.